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~Real Reindeer Facts~

Did you know that male and female (that's the boys and the girls) reindeer both have antlers? Even the calves (babies) produce antlers. Antlers are sometimes called "racks".

Caribou are the only other deer where males and females  have antlers. The antlers will fall off after several months, but don't worry- they grow back.

Reindeer calves weigh about 14 pounds when they are born. Adult females weigh about 162-187 pounds while the males 200-220 pounds on average. An adult reindeer stands about 3 1/2- 4 feet tall. That is the average size of a typical 7-8 year old child! How tall are you compared to a reindeer?

Calves are born between May and June and grow very quickly so they can keep up with the herd. They can stand and walk within minutes of their birth. Calves are born with teeth so they can start eating right away. They also drink milk from their mothers.

Reindeer live in cold. snowy places- like close to the North Pole. Who else do you know that lives at the North Pole?  Reindeer can be found in northern parts of North America, Asia, and Europe where it is colder.  How do they keep warm you ask? Well they have thick wooly fur. Their hair is hollow inside. This provides them with a form or insulation. It also allows them to lay in the snow without emitting heat and melting the snow. This way they can stay dry (and warmer). In the summer, their fur thins out to help them stay cool.

Reindeer have large hooves that spread apart as they walk on the snow. They act like snowshoes and prevent the reindeer from sinking in the snow! Have you ever tried walking with snowshoes?  These special hooves also help them look for food beneath the snow.  The tendons in their hooves create a clicking sound when they walk. 

Reindeer travel together to look for food. We say they travel in herds. These herds can range from 1,000-10, 000 reindeer!

Wild reindeer are herbivores. That means they eat plants. Reindeer enjoy eating high quality leaves, stems and buds. They really like edible mushrooms. Do you like mushrooms?  They also eat lichen which is a moss that grows on the ground. .  Reindeer can be selective in what they eat.

Reindeer are very strong and can carry a load that weighs as much as they do!

Deer at Deer Park, Pennsylvania
Picture sent in by Lori Collins,  3rd Grade Teacher

Thanks Lori!

Alaska's Website on Caribou and Reindeer
Cairngorm's Only Reindeer Herd- read all about them and see some great pictures.
Compare Caribou and Reindeer- an informational site that talks about both caribou and reindeer. Great site to gather facts for a Venn diagram.
The Cold Facts about Reindeer- brought to you by the State of Michigan. Includes just the facts; includes information about reindeer in MICHIGAN!!
Enchanted Learning-includes a nice printout of a reindeer (labeled); also information about this magnificent species.
Explore North: Caribou and Reindeer- an informational site on these amazing animals
Merry Mammals? - learn more about reindeer here- included where they live, their bodies, their antlers, what they eat, their families , enemies and more...
Literature Link: The Wild Reindeer by Jan Brett- Check out this site! It is amazing!
Pueblo Zoo Reindeer: See real reindeer and even listen to one! 
Reindeer Photos- see some real live reindeer in action.  Reindeer Picture Gallery
Scandinavia and Russia's Reindeer- an informational page all about reindeer in these parts of the world
More coming soon...

~Reindeer Activities and Crafts~

A toZ Kids- some neat reindeer activities, coloring pages, sons, fingerplays and more Billy Bear's Stationary- cute larger lined paper adorned with a cute reindeer.
Clothespin Reindeer- cute craft made from 2 clothespins (from KidsDomain) or this one from Kinderart- Reindeer Coloring Pages
Read about each of Santa's reindeers at's Reindeer Barn. DLTK's reindeer crafts
First School's Reindeer Pages- letter "R" pages, book ideas, coloring and crafts... Handprint Reindeer- Family Fun has lots of great ideas, but I love this one-so did my kids!
HandShadows- challenge your kids to see if they can create this majestic reindeer! Maze- Help Donner find his way home with this printable maze.

~Pin The Nose On Rudolph~
Simple- pin a large red nose on a reindeer and step back and have fun!

~Puzzled Reindeer~
You will need 3 puzzle pieces (painted brown), wiggly eyes, a red pom-pom for a nose and maybe a tiny jingle bell or holly leave to spruce him up. Glue 2 pieces to resemble antlers. Let dry, add eyes, nose and accessories. Add a pin back, magnet, clip... and you are all set to decorate just about anything!

~Reindeer Food~
Don't forget to feed the reindeer on Christmas Eve! 
Rolled Oats and some red and green sugar sprinkles mixed together make a wonderful treat for the reindeer. Simply sprinkle it on your lawn on Christmas Eve.  The sprinkles will sparkle in the moonlight and attract Santa's team!

Sprinkle on your lawn at night.
In the moon, it will sparkle bright.
As Santa's reindeer fly and roam
this wonderful treat will guide them to your home!
Eight Little Reindeer Poem (MS Word file) a cute poem that is similar to The Five Little Pumpkins.
My Eight Little Reindeer Booklet-
(MS Word file) The fonts may change, but you can get the basic format.  The cover is on the last page. You will have to cut the pages and staple the together.  We used our thumbprints to make our reindeer on each page.  Check out this site for cute Thumbprint Reindeer ideas.  The kids loved this project!
Reindeer Paper bag Puppet Reindeer Gift Bag
Reindeer HatReindeer Hat- From Family Fun. What a great craft!  I would love to make these for a class play! Wouldn't it be cute to use them to act out the Eight Little Reindeer poem?
Reindeer Photos  
Reindeer Table Topper-CUTE from Family Fun Reindeer Wordsearch-opens as a Word Document
Rudolph The Red Nosed-Reindeer Coloring Sheets from Golden Books Sock Rudolph- well now you know what to do with all those lone socks that come out of the dryer!

Tin Can Reindeers

Recycling has never been cuter!  Cover a clean tin can with brown paper and a picture of your child. Add a red pom-pom nose, festive holiday ribbon, a small jingle bell and some glittery antlers and you have a perfect gift for parents, relative, friends, or use a party favors.  We  wrote "Merry Christmas from your little DEAR!" on a red hear and attached it to the back side of the can (sorry no photo). Then we dipped pretzels in chocolate and red and green sprinkles to fill each deer can.  These were perfect Christmas gifts for the parents of my students.

Thumbprint Reindeers

Turn your thumbprints into a cute little reindeer to adorn greeting cards, gift tags, holiday pictures and more.


~Online Fun and Games~

Coloring Online- color Rudolph- great for little learners, easy and not complicated at all!  Older kids love it too. visit the reindeers and enjoy all sorts of fun activities with Raymond the Reindeer.
Reindeer  Games- Find Rudolph in the big blizzard or behind the Christmas doors- very easy- just move your mouse to uncover him! Great for little ones!
Reindeer Wordsearch from KidsCentral
Slider Puzzle- reindeer and Santa puzzle from Primary
Tic-Tac-Toe with Rudolph- Blackdog has created this fun reindeer game!

~Reindeer Songs~

Santa's Reindeer

"Come Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen.
Come Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen."
Santa said, "My reindeer number eight.
We need to go. We can't be late!
It's dark this Christmas Eve night.
We need someone to carry a light.
Rudolph, of course you'll be fine.
Now my reindeer number nine."

Reindeer Pokey
(Tune: "The Hokey Pokey")

You put your antlers in. You put your antlers out.
You put you antlers in and you shake them all about.
You do the Reindeer Pokey and you turn yourself around.
That's what it's all about!
You put your hooves in....
You put your red nose in....
You put your fluffy tail in...
You put your reindeer body in...

Eight Little Reindeer
Eight little reindeer beside Santa's sleigh,
Getting hitched up- to be on their way.
The first one said, "We can't be late,"
The second one said, "Christmas won't wait."
The third one said, 'The sleigh's full of toys....."
The fourth one said, "For all the girls and boys."
The fifth one said, '"I'm ready to fly...."
The sixth one said, "Across the evening sky."
The seventh one said, "Look, it's starting to snow."
The eighth one said, "I think it's time to go."
Ready?" asked Santa. It's almost Christmas Day."
And off they all flew - - up, up, and away!


Reindeer Treats (for people!)

Rudolph  Cookie from Family  
Reindeer Lollipops-very cute party favors!  


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