Welcome!  Here are some great educational sites that can enhance your
Math curriculum.  I have posted the approximate grade levels for each site. 
Please keep in mind that many sites cover a broad range of skills and skill levels. 
If a site's title has something you are looking for, check the site out.  You may find
the activities on that site appropriate for your needs.  If you have a site you
want to share, please e-mail me and let me know. 


Alphabet Activities-a lesson plan to encourage letter discoveries.

Alphabet Fun-
A collection of resources and activities just for the alphabet. Many sites added!!!

Alphabet Games- A collection of letter games for all ages and stages! ABC Order- a drag and drop game from Saxon Phonic; simply drag the letters into ABC order
ABC's-Fill in the Missing Letters-an easy way to reinforce the order of letters of the alphabet ABC Order- I love the audio directions of this click, drag and drop game. 
ABC Order with the Spring Bee-help the bee take the letters back to the bee hive in alphabetical order. Click on the flowers in alphabetical order to help the bee get the right letter.  Parents should supervise as there are some ads. ABC Order-Animal Zoo- Help put the animals into alphabetical order.
ABC Order-The letters are spoken as they are placed on the screen. The child is asked to identify the letter that comes next in a series. The game gets more challenging as you play.  GREAT!!! ABC Order-A.B.Cow- PBS's Between the Lions ABC fun- help find the missing letters.
ABC Order-Alphabet Action- Great for little learners- just click on a letter to hear its name and sound, also see pictures and words that correspond to each letter. Alphabet Printables- a collection of sites that offer free printables
Alfy's ABC's- A collection of games to reinforce reading, phonics, letters and more! ABC Order-Alphabetize the Library Books- Help Checkers shelve books in the library in alphabetical order.
Clifford's Confusable Letters- What a fun game! Place the words in the correct letter box (b or d). Words are read as they are clicked on. Letter Fun- Chateau Meddybumps has a nice collection of on and offline activities.
Letters With Leo-Travel around town to help Leo find the letters to spell words. Letter Matching-Match capital to small letter. Find the Mommy (or Daddy) Kangaroo for each joey. The audio is great!  This site is interactive and fun!
Little Explorers Picture Dictionary-Over 2400 entries! Click on a letter and see all sorts of items with that letter. Learn more about thousands of things! Lil' Fingers- A fun site just for little ones.  Spell with blocks is a favorite!


Alphabet Printables

Animal Alphabet Flashcards-real photos! ABC Coloring Sheets
ABC Flashcards ABC Games (matching, picture cards, dominoes)
Consonants- A collection of activities to reinforce beginning and ending sounds E-books- Free to members, free to create a membership!! How cool is that!
Mother Goose Rhymes Coloring Pages Printable Books
Word Wall Printables grades K-3  

COMPOUND WORD UNIT-A resource page packed with on-line activities, printables, and more!  I created this for my class and have used almost all of it! Compound Words- making compound words- great vocabulary builder


Compound Word-choose the correct partner for a group of words; immediate feedback Compound Quiz-click on the correct answer to make the compound word; immediate feedback
Compound Words-A QUIA game; match word cards to create compound words Identify the Compound Word-Listen to the narrator give clues to create a new word.
Create Compound Words- drag and drop the correct words to complete the compound words Crazy Concentration-a lesson and interactive activities
Snowman Fun-pick the correct compound words and watch the little boy build a snowman- there are 3 games, each with 10 questions Compound Words- making compounds with Jan Brett!

Contractions-click on the correct contractions; also has printable cards to play concentration Contractions-type in the contractions and then check your work
Contraction Concentration- match the two cards that make-up the contraction Concentration-match the cards
Contraction Concentration- printable game; great for a center activity! Contraction Reading Game- Harcourt Brace has a cute game called A Bed Full Of Cats to practice identifying the words that make up the contractions in the story. Immediate feedback. My third graders loved this site!
Fly By-click on the planes that match the given contraction Printable Cards- great for all sorts of learning games; brought to by Teacher Vision
Treasure Trove-brought to you by Primary Games- match the contractions in the this 10 question game Type Ins-type in the contraction and hit submit to check your answers

K-4 Rhymes- A collection of great rhyming  poems; sequence cards available for many of the poems K-2  Reggie's Rhyming Fun-Several rhyming games, words are read when you click on them to find the rhyming matches, lots of reinforcement!

Identify pictures and words by the number of syllables they have  

I am working on reorganizing these sites. Please be patient as I make things better ;)

K-2  Reading with Clifford-Everyone loves the Big Red Dog and now they can read with him on-line!  
K-2  Word Families and Rhyming-Learn more about word families through rebus rhymes.  
1-4 Game Goo's Alien Scavenger Hunt- Catch the letters to spell new words. Game Goo- Learn more about opposites, poetry, the alphabet, sentence building and more!
K-3 Primary a site full of LA activities! You will love this site! 1-4 Between The Lions Letter Games On the Internet-a spelling activity for older kids.
Word Games From PBS- A collection of word games including word families, long vowels, identifying letter sounds, spelling words and more! PreK-2  Sorting With Nina~a language adventure- Nina helps children build their language skills as they help her identify items that belong in certain places: a home, the store, on a farm.
K-6 Spelling- A site by Harcourt Brace to increase spelling skills. Activities include finding mistakes and choosing letters to form new words. Riverdeep's Online Games-Scroll down to the language arts section for a sample of their games
2-3 Phonics Activities-A number of fun activities to increase language skills in the areas of Phonics, CVC Words, Consonant Clusters, Long Vowels, and more!  
2-3 Sentence Parts- A friendly quiz that helps children identify the naming and telling parts of sentences. 3-6 GameQuarium-tons of reading and language arts activities- vocabulary, sentence structure, spelling, parts of speech, word fun, Harry Potter and Seuss fun too!
2-5 Grammar Blast- A collection of games to increase language skills. Includes sentences, nouns, adjectives, punctuation,  pronouns, and more! 2-6 Wacky WebTales- Remember Mad Libs? Here's the on-line version.  Great to reinforce parts of speech!



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