Welcome!  Here are some great educational sites that can enhance your poetry curriculum.  
If you have a great site, let me know. I would love to add it. 
I will be adding activities and pictures of my poetry workstation soon! Also, check out
Pause for Poetry (a work in progress) to see how I use poetry in my classroom. 
Includes the beginnings of a poem library and related activities.


Adventures in Poetry with Hillary Thams- a truly wonderful resource written by a teacher to help teachers successfully use poetry with their students.  105 pages of inspiration!  (A PDF file)
 A Pocketful of Rhymes- this site has some great resources! I am using the "Who Am I?" poems in my poetry work station with my students.  They are reading the poems, making inferences on what the poem is about, copying poems they like and then creating their own illustrations to add to their personal anthologies. They are also being encouraged to write their own "Who Am I?" poems!

Eduplace has a list of resources (online and off) organized by grade level to help you bring poetry into your classroom.

Education World editors have gathered poetry resources from our archive to help teachers everywhere celebrate National Poetry Month. Below you will find the following archived resources:
  • Poetry Lesson Plans
  • Teacher-Submitted Lesson Plans
  • More Poetry Activities and Projects
  • Poetry Articles and Resources

Above text  taken from The Education World Website

Family Education has compiled a wonderful set of resources to celebrate poetry month: Fun4Children- poems written by children and adult poets for kids

Giggle Poetry- recently updated with a fresh new look and a lot of new material! There are now 11 poem categories!! Visit Giggle Poetry to read poetry, learn to read and even write your own poetry!! Visit Poetry Teachers.com to learn how to teach your students how to love poetry.

Interactive Poetry Writing- this site offers on-line templates for writing a variety of poems.  Simply fill in the text boxes and away you go to becoming a poet. I found this site very useful for my reluctant writers. 


Poetry For Kids-  Ken Nesbitt has created a great website packed with games, lessons, poems, contests, news and more... Poetry Teachers.com is the teacher side of Giggle Poetry.com.  Stop by here to find all the teachery things you need to instill and love of poetry in your students!
Poetry With Pizzazz! Sue LeBleau is a professor at Northcentral University in AZ. She has compiled a very nice list of poetry resources. Poetry Zone- poems to read, famous poet information, lesson plans, and more!
ReadWriteThink -In honor of National Poetry Month, introduce your students to a variety of poetic forms. Assign one or two students each day as “poet of the day” for the month of April. Then provide students with several models for creating different forms of poetry. You might use Shape Poems, Acrostic Poems, Diamante Poems, or Instant Poetry Forms to do this.

Have each student select one form of poetry and write an original poem, which he or she can also illustrate. On their assigned days, have students read their poetry out loud to the class.

Above text taken from the ReadWriteThink Website


Scholastic's Writing with Writers-

Scholastic's Online Activities are designed to support the teaching of standards-based skills. While participating in the "Poetry Writing" project, students become proficient with several of these skills. Each skill below is linked to its point of use in the Teacher's Guide.

In the course of participating in the "Poetry Writing" project students will:

  1. Identify unique characteristics of the poetry genre
  2. Practice poetry writing skills such as rhythm, rhyming, and descriptive vocabulary
  3. Follow the writing process to create original poetry
  4. Understand how to review and revise their own writing
  5. Use Web technology to post original writing online

Above text taken from The Scholastic Website


Scholastic's Poetry Pages- a collection of lesson plans for grades preK-8, interactive online activities, classroom activities, links to poetry contests, author ideas and more... Shel Silverstein makes poetry fun! Just ask any child who has read his humorous poems!  Visit his site to find some great ways to celebrate National Poetry Month.  You can even order a CD of his poems to add to your listening center or to provide excellent fluency models for your students any time!
Teacher Vision- watch out for Pop-Up Ads, but enjoy printables, lesson plans, additional resources, and references to enhance your poetry unit.

More sites and activities coming soon! (I hope!)

In my classroom, my students enjoy many workstations. Similar to centers, the workstations are full of activities to enhance our learning in all areas of the curriculum.   Coming next fall, I will be including pictures of our Poetry Workstation and listing some of the activities my students participate in.


What Am I?
Students read a collection of What Am I? poems.  I have printed these poems and placed them in a three-ring binder.   Students can read the poems independently or with a partner. When they are finished,  they write their own What Am I? poems. I provide them with a template to assist them in the process.  Their poems are then placed in a special binder just for student written work! 

More information, pictures and activities coming !



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