Hello, my name is Lisa MacDonald-Hall, but you can call me Mrs. Hall.   Currently, I am a second  grade teacher in Richmond, Michigan.

I hold an elementary teaching certificate, as well as, a Masters Degree In Early Childhood Education.  My love of teaching and working with children has allowed me to become involved in a variety of educational settings.  I have taught preschool-through fourth grade in both private and public schools, as well as teaching adults at the university level.  I have been involved in teaching in a multi-age classroom and looping with my students.  . For many years, I was the director of a summer program called Youths Experiencing Summer (YES).  This  government funded program was created to give underprivileged children a safe place to spend their summer days.  We provided tutoring, arts and craft projects, sports events, field trips, snacks and more.   I also was  employed by the Edison Project Schools as a full-day kindergarten teacher. During my time there, I  worked as an Edison School Early Childhood trainer. I was very fortunate and was able to travel all over the United States to train teachers in an early learning programs and provided instruction and support for the Success For All reading program through John Hopkins University  I have worked as a  Computer Teacher for children ages 3-8.  It was that experience that sparked my interest in the area of technology and young children.  When it came time to work on my Master's thesis, I focused on technology and young children.  My topic was "How The Use of Technology in Elementary Classrooms Effects Young Children's Use of Technology Outside of School".    For 7 years I was employed as a Technology Teacher in an elementary school for grades pre-primary through fourth grade.  I  also taught a graduate course, Technology in  Early Childhood Education, for Saginaw Valley State University. Currently, I am on leave from the university to pursue the other love in my life- my children.  I am a Technology Integration Educator/Consultant in my spare time, which lately seems to be less and less.  I provide in-services for teachers  throughout the state of Michigan in the area of technology integration. A few years ago,  I had the privilege of working with SVSU on the PT3 Grant to help prepare tomorrows teachers for using technology with young children.  It was one of the highlights of my career. Recently, I opened the doors to a summer arts and craft camp called Creative Daze. Check us out on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/CreativeDaze?ref=hl.

I love what I do (teach that is!) and I am glad to have this opportunity to share some of the things I have learned with you.  

On a more personal note, I am married to a wonderful man who shares in my passion for educating today's children in the most meaningful ways.  Together, we have three children- Brian (age 13), Emily (age 10) and Evan (age 12).  We live in Columbus, Michigan.

I love to read, bake, use my computer and am taking up fishing as my new husband teaches me the ins and outs of this sport. I also love to go sledding and snowmobiling, and doing crafts with my kids. I love to shop. My favorite stores are Target and Kohls.  Diet Cole from McDonald's and pizza are two of my favorite treats.  

I am an animal lover and rescue pets in need. I have a philosophy about pets- we don't choose them, they choose us. With that said, let me introduce the pets that have chosen me...

Jack, a very lovable yellow lab who was raised and trained to hunt, but just didn't cut it. His previous owner no longer wanted him so we took him and now he loves to run after birds just for fun.


Bear is the newest addition to our family.  He is a german shepherd puppy who at 7 months weighing in at 90 pounds!! Yes, I have my hands full! 

Happy was adopted on Halloween 2 years ago.  We named Happy because he was so happy and we thought it was cute to call him Happy "Hall"oween since our last name is Hall!


Kitty, a loving kitty who showed up in my classroom and never left.  He came home with me that night and we adopted him.