Frequently Asked Questions


Q-What do you consider healthy snacks?
A-Healthy snacks would be fruit or veggies, crackers, cheese, pretzels, graham crackers, raisins, granola bars, apple sauce (remember to send a spoon)...


Q-Can my child bring in pop for snack?
A-Pop is a nice treat; however, please save it for their lunch or at home.


Q-Why does my child have a planner?
A-Planners are very valuable tools to help keep your child organized and aware of upcoming events in school. Planners help children get tasks completed and bring the necessary tools/notes back to school.


Q-Why do I have to sign the planner?
A-Signing your child's planner ensures that you and your child are going over the contents. Being involved in this way shows your child the value of communication and that you care about their education.


Q-What are these homework coupons I keep hearing about?
A-These coupons allow your child to pass on turning on ONE piece of homework. Save them for those really busy nights when you just can't get it all done. I do maintain the right to exclude special projects or study guides.  Check the website each month for a printable coupon! All coupons expire at the end of the month.


Q-What if my child doesn't finish all their homework?
A-Homework is due on the next day unless specified. If homework is not turned in your child will have an opportunity to stay in during recess to catch up on their work. Excessive missed homework, may result in the lowering of a grade.


Q-I work full-time and can't get into the classroom to help.
Are there other ways to help out?

A-The answer is YES! YES! YES!  I am always looking for parents who can help- either in or out of the classroom. I have many jobs that can be completed at home- assembling books, cutting out laminated materials, planning parties...

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