In our classroom, we use poetry  as a fun way to develop our reading fluency, enhance reading comprehension skills and explore language arts concepts! A new poem is given out each week. I try to find poems that go along with what we are learning or go along with special monthly events.   Each student will have poetry binder assigned to them.  Their poem starts out in the STAR binder and is used daily in school.  I start by modeling  fluent reading and read the poem
 to the students. Then we read the poem whole class, in small groups, independently, with partners, to parent volunteers... With each poem we discuss author's purpose and the main idea of the poem.  We also explore the poem and find different parts of speech.  We often create a key that tells what we are identifying.  We also use our poems to ignite our poetry skills to write our own poems that we publish in the classroom! Throughout the year, I ask the students to find a favorite poem to read to the class to increase oral fluency and presentation skills. The children are encouraged to get creative when they present and add movements and props to liven up their presentation.
We also read to our first grade and preschool buddies throughout the year.

At the end of the year, the children create their own Poetry Anthology complete with a table of contents
to take home and treasure for years to come!

My students love using their poetry binders! 
It is a fun and authentic way to develop fluency!