Welcome!  I am still working on updating this page. Please stop back for even more sites and easier navigation. For now, here are some great educational sites that can enhance your Social Studies curriculum.    Please keep in mind that many sites cover a broad range of skills and skill levels.  If a site's title has something you are looking for, check the site out.  You may find the activities on that site appropriate for your needs.  If you have a site you want to share, please e-mail me and let me know. 

History Channel
Houghton Mifflin's Social Studies
Michigan Council For Social Studies
National Geographic for KIDS
Social Studies Projects-
Time For Kids




Communities-Scholastic has some great resources for teaching students how to be responsible citizens in their communities
Community Helpers- Scholastic invites you to learn more about community helpers. The best part is there are REAL photographs and you can have the computer read the stories to you. Easy to navigate and very informational!

Visit Community Places- take a tour (animated or not- you choose) of places in a community-a library, city hall and the park.  Learn what goes on in each place. FUN!

Your Neighborhood- Ben's Guide to the community you live in.

Core Democratic Values

Be A Good Citizen WebQuest-  you will be to study citizenship through the eyes of author Barbara Cooney's story, Miss Rumphius, and through projects and activities.  Be ready to read, visit the web, and complete your tasks to earn a Good Citizenship Award.
Books- here are some great books to help you teach your students about the CDV.
Definitions- easy to understand definitions for grades K-2.
Definitions from Michigan-more complex definitions of the CDV.
Michigan Epic Core Democratic Values-Contains interactive storybooks to help children really gain an understanding of the CDV.
Muskegon Public Schools- Site  includes a PowerPoint that  you can download; definitions, activities, and additional web resources.

Geography and Map Skills

Compass-Learn how to use a compass
Flags from All Countries- great site to find the colors and symbols of flags from all countries
Geographic.Org- offers 70,000 pages of facts about countries all over the world- history, population, languages, customs, photographs, travel and more!
Make a Town- free software download that helps children create a town of their own!
Map Game-answer questions related to Globes and Map Projections, Building Map Skills, and Reading Graphs and Charts
What Do Maps Show?-activities and lessons to learn more about maps

~Interactive Activities~

GeoNet- Brought to you by Houghton Mifflin, this games challenges young minds with an assortment of geographical questions.
GeoSPy- Brought to you by National Geographic,  your mission- to identify continents, countries, states and more.
Interactive USA Geography Game- Can you locate the states?  Test your knowledge here!
Printables- maps, quizzes, fill ins and more from Enchanted Learning.

Government and Presidents


~Interactive Games~

Name The President- a 10 question trivia game brought to you by Primary Games
PBS-The Democracy Project- Be a President for A Day, Learn How Government Works, or see inside a voting booth.  There is a lot of very child friendly things on this site!

Me, Myself, and I

All About Me Theme- lessons include self-esteem, where I live, families, feelings and more
All About Me from KinderKorner- songs, book ideas, poems, art activities, follow-up activities and more!
All About Myself- What a great site! Includes- cooking, fine motor activities, gross motor, language development, literature, music, bulletin board ideas, lesson plans, parent resources and more!!

Michigan Studies

Center For Michigan Studies-Michigan History Studies from MichiganEPIC
Enchanted Learning's Michigan Page-facts, maps and more
Facts About Michigan- from a great resource to learn more about Michigan
Great Lakes-Where did they come from? This site provides a time-line and an explanation.
Great Lakes Fish- find out what fish are found in each of the Great Lakes.
Great Lakes Information Network- a great resource to further your study of Michigan
Grosse Pointe Schools' Michigan Resource Page-a wonderful collection of resources-organized and comprehensive
Michigan, My Michigan- a great site that contains biographies, communities, first people, timelines, and activities and lessons.
Michigan Studies-Michigan's Government site- full of ideas to help you celebrate Michigan Week, May 21-27th.
MIKids- a site created just for kids!
Printables- ClassBrain's State Report Grab Bag-  includes maps, symbols, puzzles, mazes, clip art and study aides.
State Capital Virtual Tour- take a virtual fieldtrip to the Capital!
Stuff About Michigan-all the info you need to teach your students about Michigan! great for student researchers.

~Interactive Activities~

Kids Stuff brought to  you by Michigan Historical Museums- activities, poems, stories, historic documents and more
Check out the States section too!

Michigan Lighthouses

Michigan Lighthouses-mostly photos, some text
Michigan Lighthouse Keeper- an interactive story that tells about Michigan's first female lighthouse keeper
Lighthouses of The Great Lakes- beautiful pictures and great information


All 50 States- click on the state, read about the state and be taken to that's official website. Great for young researchers.
Explore the 50 States- click on the state and learn more facts about that state. 
Fact Monster-choose your state and click for more facts about that state.
Fun Facts- the US Census Bureau has a great site to learn some interesting facts about each state. Check out their Kid's Corner.
Land Atlas of  the United States- this site provides a variety of maps- relief, county, black and white... for each state.
Learn More About The 50 States-click on the state you are interested to learn more!
NetState- a wonderful site that provides important information about each state.
State Coloring Sheets- Crayola has some great print and learn activities.
State Fact Sheets- provides facts such as population, income,  education, employment, agriculture...
Stately Knowledge- provides just the facts in a very easy to read format
USA WebQuests- How fun! You just won an all expensed paid trip! Get ready to have some fun traveling the Internet to learn more about the states.

~Interactive Games~

Capitals- test your knowledge- can you name all 50 state capitals?
Explore the States -Your mission is to find all the pictures of the items on the Treasure Hunt list below. All the pictures are in the Explore the States stories and have something to do with FOOD.
GeoNet- Brought to you by Houghton Mifflin, this games challenges young minds with an assortment of geographical questions.
Interactive USA Geography Game- Can you locate the states?  Test your knowledge here!
Primary Games- Name that state- an interactive game
Primary Games- Match The Symbols- this is a concentration type game
States Web Games -Learn the locations, capitals, abbreviations and over 500 important facts about our 50 states.

Virtual Fieldtrips

K-6+African Game Reserve-web cams allow you to observe many kinds of African wildlife 
Old Sturbridge Village-Students will see the town and meet the people of this colonial town. Click on Online Tours to get started.
Electronic Field Trip to Mammoth Cave-visit the world longest cave system! Teachers materials and more!
Visit the White House
K-6 State Capitol Virtual Tour


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