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“A WebQuest,” according to Bernie Dodge, the originator of the WebQuest concept, is an inquiry-orientated activity in which most or all the information used by the learners is drawn from the Web.  WebQuests are designed to use learners’ time well, to focus on using information rather than on looking for it. and support learners’ thinking at levels of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.”

WebQuests are a way for educators to present information to their students in a fun and exciting way using the Internet.  They are inquiry orientated web-based lessons that get students actively involved.  WebQuests can be made to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Getting Started...
Resources for Writing Quality WebQuests

The WebQuest Page Bernie Dodges 6 steps to creating WebQuests
A WebQuest About WebQuests- a 90- minute WebQuest created by Bernie Dodge himself to help you gain a better understanding of WebQuests
Locating and Evaluating Websites- locate, evaluate and write your own WebQuests, all grade levels looked at!
Creating A WebQuest Is Easier Than You Think
Kathy Schrock Slide Show on WebQuests
Disney's Thoughts on WebQuests-what are they, history, benefits, creating them and using them in your curriculum
Ozline- WebQuests and More
Spartanburg Schools Thoughts and Tips On Writing WebQuests- how to's and teacher samples
Some Thoughts on WebQuests
WebQuests- even more ideas...
Taxonomy of Tasks- this is a great site to help you create that perfect task!  Check it out!!
Thinking About Linking- Tom March gives tips on choosing good links

Resources to Locate (and create) Quality WebQuests and other Interesting WebQuest Sites

Accept the Quest! Trackstar provides this organized collection of online resources about WebQuests.
Filamentality This site guides visitors through the process of creating interactive, Web-based activities, including WebQuests using a fill in the blank approach.
WebQuests in Our Future: The Teacher's Role in Cyberspace Kathy Schrock provides information about WebQuests and links to additional resources.
Teach-nology's Collection of WebQuests- includes WebQuests in  early childhood, language arts, math, science and social studies; also tips on writing your own
LSU WebQuests These 20 WebQuests were created by students at the College of Education at Louisiana State University for students from elementary through high school.
WebQuests The Educational Media and Technology consortium for San Bernadino County provides a number of excellent WebQuests for all grade levels.
Science WebQuests- Over 250 WebQuests!
Locate and Evaluate WebQuests! all grade levels!
Kathy Schrock Slide Show on WebQuests
Macomb ISD's Collection Of WebQuests- WebQuests created by teachers during a 3 day in-service
WebQuests Sorted by Grade Level-kindergarten-adult
Teacher Pages-lesson plans, roles, rubrics...
K-3 Webquests- wow, what a great collection!

And lastly.... are you interested in taking an online course on
Writing WebQuests?

Check out The Teacher Education Institute for graduate courses.

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